I write, I edit, I agent-assist.

I teach, I travel, I strive to live an examined life.

Words and shenanigans.
That’s me.

Short bio:

HB Steadham is a world-traveling, lifetime-learning, shenanigans-loving writer, editor, and agent-in-training. She creates worlds with words, makes good books better, and gets great works to readers. She’s a one-stop magic shop.

Long bio:

HB Steadham is always up for shenanigans and is probably fascinated with something new at this very moment. She loves nothing more than when her brain synapses fire with curiosity and wonder. A lifelong creative, HB has worn more hats than Queen Elizabeth II, may she rest in peace. She’s been the rebel high school English teacher that all the queer kids flock to, giving her students all the good books that could get her in trouble back in her native Arkansas. She’s been a professor, an editor, an actor, an award-winning journalist, a foster mom to both humans and pets, a theatre director, a beauty queen, a stand-up comedian, and of course, a writer. Always a writer. She currently lives in Okinawa, Japan, with her husband, two daughters, and a son, all of whom speak sarcasm and/or sass as their mother tongue. A graduate of the Arkansas Writers MFA Program, HB has fiction published by Lockjaw Magazine and in a postapocalyptic anthology, nonfiction published by Narratively and The Toast, and poetry appearing in Poetry South.

Represented by Kelly Dyksterhouse

the tobias literary agency

Awards and Honors: